The place where I always drank in Kyoto

There are several places, called “Kaikan” in Kyoto. A Kaikan is a building where there is many bars beside each other. Kaikan means hall or building in English.


One of them, which is called Yontomi-Kaikan is my favourite one. This building has two floors. There are about ten small bars or “Izakaya”. Each bar has only six to eight seats only at a counter.

It’s very old and there are neon boards on the entrance for all of the bars.

When you enter the entrance, you can see hallway straight in front of you, and each side has sliding doors for each bar.

My favourite bar is on the right side of hallway and it is the fourth one from the entrance. It’s called “Esora”. The bar serves Japanese traditional food, beer and Sake. It’s unbelievably delicious and cheap.

Good thing is not only that but also the people you can meet there by chance. I like meeting new people there, I often go there, normally once a week, but sometimes three days in a row.


I know it is too much, that’s why I can’t save money at all. But I get a priceless experience so I’m happy.

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