Marble solitaire solver

It was a happy new year! I was solving Marble solitaire during the Christmas holidays. I’m going to explain how I solved Marble solitaire with ruby.

What is Marble solitaire?

Here’s a image of Marble solitaire. marble

First of all, you remove the center marble, then start the game. You only can jump across marbles into an empty space. Remove the marble you just jumped over. Then when you get only one marble, you’ll complete the game. Pretty simple game, eh? But honestly, I couldn’t solve it by myself. So I changed my mind to solve it with programming!

First approach

I made a program which tries to use every pattern until there is only one marble left. But there was a problem: I executed the program but after 70 hours, the program was still working! I realized there are uncountable patterns to move marbles. So I modified my code.

# Snippet
def play_game
  filled_coordinates ={|key, value| value == FILLED }
  filled_coordinates.each do |coordinate|
    field_hash = @current_field_hash.dup
    record = @record.dup

    if can_jump_right?([coordinate[0], coordinate[1]])
      jump_right([coordinate[0], coordinate[1]])
      break if complete_game?

    @current_field_hash = field_hash.dup
    @record = record.dup

    if can_jump_down?([coordinate[0], coordinate[1]])
      jump_down([coordinate[0], coordinate[1]])
      break if complete_game?

    @current_field_hash = field_hash.dup
    @record = record.dup

    if can_jump_left?([coordinate[0], coordinate[1]])
      jump_left([coordinate[0], coordinate[1]])
      break if complete_game?

    @current_field_hash = field_hash.dup
    @record = record.dup

    if can_jump_up?([coordinate[0], coordinate[1]])
      jump_up([coordinate[0], coordinate[1]])
      break if complete_game?


puts "Start at: #{}"
puts "Finish at: #{}"
@record.each_with_index do |r, index|
  puts "#{index + 1},#{r}"

Second approach

The first time, I didn’t record each case of the field. So even if the program gets the same case as before, it won’t skip it. So my second approach is to record each case in the database. (I actually got the idea from my friend. Thanks a million.) Then the program solved it! It took about 10 hours.

Third approach

Once it solved the game, I literally moved the marbles following the steps in my program. Yeah, it’s solved! But it still takes 10 hours to solve. So long … After I improved it, it finally took only 2 minutes! As you can see, the field of the game has symmetry. The shape is the same rotated 90, 180 and 270 degrees, and inverted as well. This means you can zip patterns to one over eight! That’s what I did.

Here is my final code. Let me know if you think there is a faster way!

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